As a child of the 80s it’s incredibly difficult to be upset about the current state of wrestling.  I know that WWE is a lot more kid friendly now, but it’s not just them that I’m talking about.  Right now I can go online and stream any number of promotions that I might want to check out.  Years ago if I wanted to watch any Japanese wrestling I’d have to know a guy who knew a guy and hope that the tape I got wasn’t complete shit.  Now all I have to do is have a device and internet connection and I can pretty much watch anything that’s out there.

I can also guarantee you that no matter where you live, there’s probably a local promotion that runs shows within a short distance of you.  I’m admittedly really bad about trying to find out when my local promotions are running shows, but they generally run out of a bar that’s a short walk from my apartment.  If you can manage to make the separation from WWE and understand that not all wrestling is run out of arenas and there are all sorts of different experiences out there you can definitely have fun.  I’m hoping to get to one of our local shows this summer, but the next show they run is on a day that I’m moving so we’ll see if the wife and I have any energy to make it.

It’s also pretty intimidating since you have so many options right now.  Most promotions utilize social media pretty well so you can always check to see if they post any clips or matches.  A lot of the ones that have streaming services also have a free or discounted trial so you can see what they have.  The ones that aren’t in English like New Japan, DDT, or Stardom can be a bit daunting to sign up for since it’s in Japanese.  Google translate is your friend for any non-English promotions.  I’ve heard that NJPW World is a bit difficult to unsubscribe from, but I haven’t had a need to unsubscribe yet.  I would suggest trying to follow one or two promotions to start if you haven’t really gone outside of WWE before.  If you have ventured outside of WWE I have a feeling I’m preaching to the choir.  So have fun living in the current golden age of wrestling because I know I am.

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